Gio Lodovico

Lombardia, Italy, Europe
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About Gio


I was born in Trento and I had the degree in Economics writing a thesis on "Fast Algorithms

to calculate Statistical Variable Mesures". At the University of Brescia I've been researcher 

by one year.

I've been EDP chief in an italian company during six years, then I had professional photographic courses in

Brescia, Firenze and Schaffausen, that led me to the profession of photographer.

I've been one of the first in Italy to manage Digital Imaging (more than 20 years ago) and 

I held professional courses on this subject in Bergamo and Milan.

During last years I developed up to date skills in the web area, programming in html, asp, js and xml.

Now I'm developing photos for the VRLM 360° and Very High Resolution Images for web applications.

I'm based in Northern Italy, less than one hour from the BGY (Milan-Bergamo) International Airport and Barcelona area.