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Chengdu Wangjiang building park - Xue Taoting

Chengdu Wangjiang building park - Xue Taoting, this is one follows the Wangjiang building style four Fang Ting construction in the style of antiquity, abuts Xue Taomu, occupies a land area of more than 20 square meters. In the pavilion 5 meter high steles, the seal cutting should German professor "Xue Taoting Record" last week together. This stele inscription stems from the famous painter-calligrapher 80 advanced ages Zhao Yun hand of the jade. Stele's back inscribes Zhang Daqian to draw Xue Taoxiang, to cause the line to be smooth, the original exquisite brush serious wound will alter to the outline drawing. On the stone monument base inscribes passes on "Chants Chen Siyu for Xue Tao original handwriting Cao Zhi Beautiful woman". This full of meat the stele not only adds color for Xue Taoting many, also appraised Xue for the tourist the Tao culture to provide the precious material.

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Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5466x2733
Taken: 27/11/2007
Uploaded: 25/02/2009
Updated: 01/03/2015


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More About Sichuan Province

Sichuan Province, the "River"or "Shu", the provincial capital of Chengdu, located in southwest China, the Yangtze River, in longitude 97 ° 21 '~ 108 ° 31', latitude 26 ° 03 '~ 34 ° 19' between. To benefits, benefit, Azusa, Kui four named, the province of the total area of 48.5 square kilometers. Brief plateau phase the west, east of the Three Gorges Xianfeng overlap, north of Qinling Bashan barriers surround the south Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the formation of a famous Sichuan Basin. Sichuan Province, vast land and has a long history since ancient times to enjoy the "Land of Abundance"reputation.