Kampenwand sheer

The Kampenwand (1669m) is located south of Bavaria's largest lake, the Chiemsee. On the way up to the biggest summit cross found in Bavaria, you need to climb over some rocks, dangle from a wire rope and balance over a narrow bridge. But you will be rewarded for this by great view of the Chiemsee.

Copyright: T. Emrich
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 32768x16384
Taken: 07/08/2009
Uploaded: 09/08/2009
Updated: 02/03/2015


Tags: kampenwand; chiemgauer; alpen; bayern; kampenwandbahn; bavaria; alps; austria; wandern; hiking; ski; snow; summer; klettern; alpin; gigapixel; gigapan; gigapanbot
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