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Crkva Svete Petke [Donji Adrovac]

The apparition of Saint Petka

- Please! - Raged above the Lord God so angry that all the June rain over Serbia. - Where did you get that idea?
- I thought he appeared on television - was humbled by watching the St. Petka. - What we have from this point out to people in provincial small towns?
- Are you normal bre?

- Sir - Sveta Petka was on the verge of tears. - We need to keep pace with the times. There are new media, internet, Facebook, Majspejs, Twitter, we need to get closer to mortals. They would not at least addressed the SMS?
- What's wrong with our old methods of addressing?
- Nothing, really, do wrong to understand me - crying is a saint. - But sometimes I feel as if we were, um, ran over time.

Imagine how many people have heard your words when I pointed out, for example, by Olja, the "impression weeks."
- No way! - Thundered Supreme. - You are the Orthodox saint, man, do you clear it, you're not some modern Catholic flundra from Hollywood! Being as I said!
- Can you at least in Belgrade? - Friday begged, crying. - There are nice parks there, and trees!
- No, no and no!

Sacred tree in Donji Adrovac

And so the Christian ascetics and healers Sveta Petka last Saturday showed the use brijestovog tree in the village of Donji Adrovcu Aleksinac. For days the inhabitants of nearby villages visit the wonderful tree, pray, light candles and cellular phones that record Sveta Petka crying. Why popular Serbian saint cries, no one alive knows. I do not know any priest Slavoljub Petrovic, pastor žitkovački. "Maybe this is a warning to the people because it is high time for Serbs to return to the faith," explains priest taught Blic reporter.

Why, indeed, - at the time of the communication revolution - the Christian saints are still living in the technological middle ages, and is completely indifferent to the possibilities of mobile telephony, wireless Internet and satellite television, and now occur in people cut off stumps and bark?

The devil could tell. I mean, literally, the devil will know it. The devil, known thing, he loves the new media and modern technology. If you ask any priest, or priest žitkovačkog the Pope, each will tell you that in computers, cell phones and television sits Satan. As they say in Bosnia, is it just that this small. And from there lurks careless children and draws them into his world of Gentiles. And the Lord and his holy children there are people honestly and innocently, in the bark of ash trees and Elm.

Virgin Mary in a tree

- What are you crying? - Asked by Christ in these days of St. Petka.
- Oh no - my eyes erased Friday. - Not to me on television.
- I came, then, your turn - this will be the Son of God. - I? Where is your schedule?
- Lower Adrovci municipality Aleksinac, Nis District.
- Shut up, you know what is old, you still do well - comforted the laughing Jesus. - Liked me last Bijeljina.

A place of pilgrimage?

You'll remember you this case, it was buzzing about it all the Orthodox Serbs, when recently in the center of Bijeljina, said the ash tree Hristosov character figure. "Christ as if he has any icon painter painted, just at the point where the branch is cut off," wrote reporter shaken Policy. "Radiates peace and goodness. And some sadness, I guess we like this, tend to see a hint in another person's eye, overlooking the log in your own. "

That is, you see, our world. I do not see the log in your own eye, see a speck in someone else's. Not only a hint! Rather, the image of Jesus Christ seen in the trunk, but to see in your eye log. Therefore, I guess - correctly interpreted reporter - Jesus appears in stumps, tree bark, branches osječenim, in general, you get in the logs. Jesus is standing by for days, weeks, until it breaks into a priest or a local reporter Policy.

- What ever I do not like Bosnia! - Sveta Petka cried.
- What would you have in Bosnia? - Surprised to Christ.
- Well, not Bosnia, it can and Herzegovina - Paraskeva brings sparkles in the eye. - To be contacting nice to send a message by the way, the human, in Serbian, the whole world understands me. So we built a beautiful church and one million people. And I am beautiful, young, dressed in white.
- Shut up bre, you'll hear old - quickly put the palm of Christ Friday to mouth. - It is a Catholic ujdurma! You know how I felt!

He remembers Friday, you will remember you, when recently on a stone statue of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, said the image of Jesus Christ, and left - written paper - indicated for four days. "My son, Pope Benedict XVI. received the grace to unite Christianity, "then conveyed the message of Christ is the visionary Ivanka.
- You actually said that? - Appalled to Friday.
- Ma jok, man, that one Catholic - shook the hand of Christ. - But you explain to the old. Was furious when he heard.
- Well, yes - meant to Friday. - It might be clearer if we just left messages, as SMS. If there were no misunderstandings. So nice that the bark of a tree or wall, to write, I do not know, "Go back to the faith." And "Kosovo is Serbia."
- It's no use, I am writing for months, and no one responds. The whole of Belgrade I išarao. There does not appear until the stump.

Muslims, for example, have no such problems. They never show any dž Allah. W. nor Mohammed a. s., let alone the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him. Not that the dear Lord, who strictly forbade any drawing, painting, or an indication of human and sacred images. But why can calligraphic messages, clear and unambiguous: these very days, while cries of St. Petka in the Lower trunk brijestovo Adrovcu, fishermen from Mombasa in the Indian Ocean caught the fish on the scales, which clearly and legibly written in Arabic, "Allah is the greatest of all" . "It was confirmed that this is a verse from the Koran," said Secretary General of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya. What a week earlier, for example, in a pet store are in Liverpool discovered two fish that read "Allah" and "Mohammed".

Why Allah communicates with humans only fish, it's hard to tell, but it is. As a Christian, for some reason God loves trees. While the Christian saints of the characters appear on the trees, something like MMS, Islam is, well, accepted the text.

- Why they can, and I am not allowed? - Muhammad asked Allah good.
- Because they are non-believers - he briefly replied Allah.
- But at least in Bosnia, where anything can - has stubbornly fought Muhammad. - Only Reis to tell you. Second one.
- No and no! - Allah thundered and threw him to the table a big fish, beautiful piece of sea bass of three pounds. - Now shut up and write.

During that time, Catholic Christ is looked upon with a stone statue in Medjugorje and laughs.
- What's wrong, what are you laughing? - Orthodox brother asks him to Christ the one tree in Bijeljina.
- How do I? You are pointing to the trees, the Republic of Serbian entire forest. I point out the stone, the whole Kingdom of stone - the laughing Christ. - A message sent to Muhammad on Bosniak fish.
- So?
- Well, forgot to give them access to the sea!

Source: Sveta Petka, Donji Adrovac

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Copyright: Saša Stojanović
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10632x5316
Taken: 25/08/2011
Uploaded: 25/08/2011


Tags: crkva; church; othodox; sveta; petka; donji; adrovac; aleksinac; serbia; srbija
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