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Dujiangyan (Dujiang yàn), located in the west of Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province, China since the ancient building and use of large-scale water conservancy project, known as "the originator of the World Water Culture" is a famous tourist destination in Sichuan. Generally considered by the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and its sub-Qin Shujun Li Bing, prefect to mobilize people to build on the previous 256 years, is the world so far, the oldest age of the only preserved, characterized by a non-grand diversion dam engineering, is a national cultural heritage.

Li Bing and his son invited the experience of many farmers in flood control on the topography and hydrological field investigations were determined to cut through Yu Leishan water. At that time not invented gunpowder, Bing has to fire stone, the rock burst, Yu Leishan finally carved a width of 20 meters by 40 meters, 80 meters long pass. Its shape resembles the bottle, so called "treasure bottle," Yu Leishan cut separation of the heap is "off the heap."

The reason for repair Po bottle, because only open up the Yu Leishan, to smooth the flow of water to the east of Minjiang River, west of the river can reduce the flow of the river will not flood the west, while also lifting the east area of drought, the surging river flows in arid, irrigated farmland there. This is the key to governance flooding is the first step in the Dujiangyan project.

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Sichuan Province, the "River"or "Shu", the provincial capital of Chengdu, located in southwest China, the Yangtze River, in longitude 97 ° 21 '~ 108 ° 31', latitude 26 ° 03 '~ 34 ° 19' between. To benefits, benefit, Azusa, Kui four named, the province of the total area of 48.5 square kilometers. Brief plateau phase the west, east of the Three Gorges Xianfeng overlap, north of Qinling Bashan barriers surround the south Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the formation of a famous Sichuan Basin. Sichuan Province, vast land and has a long history since ancient times to enjoy the "Land of Abundance"reputation.