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Epigenetic canyon near Sokograd

Sokograd - a finding either in heaven or earth

No one knows exactly when this ancient city on the vertical cliff above the river Moravice occurred. I just assumed that was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Justinian between I and VI century AD and served as a defense against the Avars and Slavs. It was mentioned at the time of the expulsion of about Stefan Nemanja Bogumila when it was first destroyed. Renovated remained part of medieval Serbia. The first trace of it comes from the 1413th years from the time when, after the Battle of Kosovo Despot Stefan Lazarevic was trying to arms, bribing, and all manner of negotiating skills with the Turks at all naive - Serbia prolong life. This ancient city fell into the hands of the Turks 1459th when he was the son of Bajazet Musa Kesadžija their nedelnicima destroyed when the Serbian and ceased to exist as a state. Then there are sharpening their weapons and used the Austrians, and a very long time: from the 1690th to the 1737th year. His fort was known, the 1808th was, by famous Hajduk Veljko Petrovic ..

It is certain that Sokograd as medieval buildings, built on the remains of previous foundations. It is known that this was an unusually strong city walls, a large-scale and irregular basis on which influenced the shape rocky hills. It was composed of two parts: the bottom, which is more easily approached and which was used to provide protection to the surrounding population and the upper face of the enemy, who has been a sanctuary lords, the safest shelter before the coming danger.

As archaeologists say, the Upper Town was entered through a tower or motrilju Donjon. At the other end, that of the hill, was built in firewall high with openings for guns. Under it, the bottom of the fort in those days life is flourishing as evidenced by the remains of tanks, vaulted stone and carved into the rock. In mid-century explorer Alexander past our older Deroko recorded and that video ceramic supply pipes rainwater ... Tank, then, fed with water from storm water that are there kolektovane. Had to be prepared to wait for an armed menace.

Today Sokograd is available only to the most persistent is especially for mid to high altitude in relation to river basin Moravice. Sokograd were called and Sokolac, Sokolniki, and Sokolica and kept a couple of beautiful legends. It seems that it is the saddest LEPTERIJA, as is now called the nature park in which the part itself is Sokograd.

According to this legend, an unnamed commander Sokograd had a beautiful daughter named Lepterija which stared Zupan, son of lord Vrmaškog nearby town. It was, of course, great love, which disapproved of their parents because of some disputed property. Of marriage, so, there could be nothing. Then the two young people agreed that the prefect companions dojaše Sokograd to the walls, and to Lepterija meanwhile sneaks through a secret passage. With the start of the whole project looked like a fairy tale, but the girl's father soon discovered that there LEPTERIJA and sent to hunt fugitives. His anger was so great that the soldiers ordered him to destroy it as soon as they arrive. And so it was. Lepterija was destroyed by the sword of his father's soldiers, and the mourners Prefect, in desperation, jumped into the deepest vir Moravice and drowned. Place, clearing, where the girl was killed and now is called a vortex Lepterija - Zupan.

Another legend says that the Turks even after a long siege failed to conquer it. Stamen and hard to access buildings has been successfully resisted in time as they had brought enough food and even managed to bring water. People's narrator goes on to say that the attackers then sought help from a Jurodivi babe who knew everything. She said to them, a decent fee, discover that they must find a horse ajdir and nine days he does not give water, and only then to walk around the city. Where a horse hoof begins to dig, that they continue because the water pipes which is then easily cut.

At the same time, though the narrator does not explain this strange game of the heroine of his story, the grandmother sent a message to the captain of what he is saved and that the best horses potkuju upside down through a secret passage to leave the fortress. And so it was. The next morning, the Turks became alarmed when they saw the traces of hoofs. They thought that someone opsađenima secretly arrived reinforcements. When, after long deliberation decided to still go to the city walls behind which is no longer the buzz spread for defense, surprised by the desert ...

The third legend says that once upon a time, great lords, the lord of the hard Sokograd, ridden valley. Suddenly, the sky went dark over the Ozren, lightning flashed from Sharp čuke, Grüne thunder and earth trembled to the spike dry Rtanj. Jump frightened at. The rider fell from him and lost consciousness. When the master Sokograd become aware, that makes him all his bones broken. He could not stand on its feet. He lay helpless, waiting for death. Then he suddenly heard glogot water. Slowly, squeezing his teeth in pain, stood up to deliberate on the world does not go thirsty.

When he says the narrative, I drank the first sip from the springs which he has hitherto been unknown in his head suddenly cleared. And when he put his hand in the water, immediately returned to power and he, as the manor clothes, plunge into kladenac, no time to heal and be ready to return to his fort. As soon as he arrived, ordered the immediate lift above the nastrešica. Word of healing water in the basin between Ozren and Rtanj no one could stop, and then he, more decades later, joined by Branislav Nušić couplet still a favorite saying residents and their many guests, "Sokobanja Sokograd - you get old, leave young! "

Our medieval fortress-cities, are now silent witnesses to stone us a mysterious past. According to Alexander Deroko, were shut down because they were conquered by the Turks. Those are some old towns retained only to ensure and facilitate traffic management conquered areas, while others, if not already destroyed during the conquest, just leave. Then the villagers believed to have found the right to obtain a free stone quarry ...

Presumably, and has shared the fate Sokograd old cities in more modern times did not need anyone except, of course, the surrounding population as a convenient and handy material for houses and mills ... However, it is hoped that the recently Sokograd above Sokobanja largely be returned to original appearance. This is confirmed by the architect and the draft sokobanjskog Vukasin Miletic who several years ago proclaimed the best in the hope that it will soon be materialized.

In the meantime, the Falcons have become a rarity and around and above Sokograd Sokobanja. Only another nest in the prospectuses of local tourism organizations, legends, songs and toponyms of old settlements. Perhaps they lack the arm with the right glove for the once popular hunting medieval aristocracy or today's birds druželjubiviji since quite freely and land on the shoulders residents and guests.

Text source: Sokograd

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Copyright: Saša Stojanović
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10656x5328
Taken: 19/08/2011
Uploaded: 19/08/2011
Updated: 22/03/2015


Tags: epigenetic; epigenija; sokograd; sokograda; moravice; moravica; reka; canyon; kanjon; sokobanja; soko banja; lepterija; serbia; srbija; europe
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