Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover selfie: Martian night
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Digital Art Compilation

  • Curiosity Rover's Self Portrait at "Windjana" Drilling Site (sol613) NASA's Mars Exploration Program (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)
  • VISTA telescope: 9 billion pixel photo of a Milky Way European Southern Observatory (Image credit: ESO/VVV Consortium, Ignacio Toledo, Martin Kornmesser)
Copyright: Andrew Bodrov
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 30000x15000
Taken: 28/04/2014
Uploaded: 22/05/2014
Updated: 22/01/2015


Tags: curiosity; mars; sol 177; nasa; jpl-caltech; mars panorama; msss; rover; red planet; european southern observatory; eso/vvv consortium; ignacio toledo; martin kornmesser; vista telescope; milky way; out_of_this_world; @tags-mars-panorama
  • Markus Novosel about 1 month ago
    Very, very beautiful! But only as art. I would be more pleased to see a real photo of the Martian sky at night.
  • guy 2 months ago
    thanks for pointing that out :( seriously thanks, but now im sad
  • aquilla1 4 months ago
    I wonder if all this equipment (like the curiosity rover) we are sending to Mars will be of any use to humans when we finally go to Mars.
  • Lance Xiang 5 months ago
    so much to explore!!!
  • LEON LAI 6 months ago
    I love this shot.
  • Veros Plakiotis 7 months ago
    Simple incredible unique work.
  • Robin Garrish 7 months ago
    I love this shot. With no background 'noise' the number of stars you can see is INCREDIBLE! Mind you, can't make out any star formations for toffee...
  • Jaku 8 months ago
    I experienced a strange feeling viewing this, i almost got emotional. It's truly amazing and we're just at the start of it all i wish that in our life time we can put human beings on Mars.
  • Entiviz 9 months ago
    lol amazing:D
  • Ron 9 months ago
    The sky is our sky as taken by the Vista telescope in Chile. So no martian moons there. A beautiful photo, but it says in the description it is a compilation of the two images.
  • Rizvan Abdullayev 10 months ago
    It is martian moon Phobos
  • Jonathan Stein 10 months ago
    You can see one of Mars' two small moons - Phobos and Deimos - I believe. That might be the "star" you're seeing.
  • anom 10 months ago
    has any one else spot the full circle star in the martian night 0m it huge how is that close it does seem as far as it should
  • BPONS 10 months ago
    Unbelievable !! Just amazing !
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