Shenzhen vista

Shenzhen is of the Chinese port are most and has the land, sea and air port city only, is one of Chinese and world contact main gateways, has the strong economical support and modernized urban the infrastructure. Shenzhen's urban synthesis competitive power position row inland city first. To 2010, Shenzhen will construct into the Chinese high technology and new technology Industrial base and the regional financial center, the message center, the business center, the shipping center and the tourist attraction, will become modernized the nternational city. 

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5616x2808
Taken: 16/11/2006
Uploaded: 04/03/2009
Updated: 18/06/2014


Tags: guangzhou; china; city; shenzhen; street view
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More About Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a shopping paradise, boasting a rich variety of commodities, modern facilities and excellent services. Shopping is Shenzhen is definitely fun. When you are in Shenzhen, you should not miss the chance to enjoy its entertainment and leisure activities. The vibrant migrant culture, rich nightlife, dynamic fitness clubs and green urban parks…they all will make you enjoy yourself and be reluctant to leave.