Titov trg in Koper

Titov trg (Tito's square) is the main square in the old part of town Koper, Slovenia. In every direction you look, there's an attraction. Starting with the 54 meters church's bell tower with an open air panoramic platform at 43 meters which offers beautiful views over entire Koper (weather allowing up to Venice). Continuing clockwise, there's the Praetorian Palace with the "portico" leading to Calegerija (Čevljarska ulica), which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque streets in Koper. To continue, there's the Foresteria and Armeria, which, centuries ago, were used for reception and accommodation of podesta’s guests and for weapon storage, respectively. On the opposite of the Praetorian Palace is the Loggia; centuries ago being a debate club, now a place where you can enjoy your favourite drink in an ambient where the history meets contemporary styling. To end the circle, there's the Cathedral of Mary's Assumption, the biggest church in Slovenia.

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