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Izmir Watchtower

The famous Watch-Tower in Izmir, Turkey.

Located close to the seashore it´s a nice place, not beeing too hot during the summer.

The bazaar is a corner away. 

Low quality pbulished.

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Copyright: M. Hundrieser
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 4096x2048
Taken: 12/09/2008
Uploaded: 24/10/2008
Updated: 28/02/2015


Tags: izmir; turkey; watch-tower; agean; mediterranean; culture; ancient; historical
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Ruediger Kottmann
Izmir - Konak Square
Ruediger Kottmann
Izmir - clock tower at Konak Square
özkan şahin
Konak Meydan
İzmir - Konak Meydanı - Saat Kulesi
M. Hundrieser
Izmir Mosque "Konak Cami" aside the Watchtower
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
Konak Gemi İskeleti
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
Milli Kutuphane
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
Milli Kutuphane
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
Kizlaragasi Hani
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
Kizlaragasi Hani
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
Kizlaragasi Hani
Güliz Çorgunlu Özkan
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Leif Nygaard Eilertsen
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Свято-Введенский Толгский женский монастырь.
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