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Top 4 VoIP Apps for Your iPad

iPad is another product from Apple that has been greatly successful besides iPod touch and iPhone. Although it makes you look like a hipster to use iPad as a phone, sometimes there is no other way than being hip. For those times, we proudly introduce you to some of the best iPad Voip apps. These Voip Apps for iPad will practically convert your iPad into an iPhone. Some of these iPad voip apps are available for iPhone and iPod as well as they share the same OS. However, these iPad voip Apps may have been created for iPod and iPhone but they have support for iPad as well.

Skype – Video Calling App

Skype is hands down the leader in Voip industry. It enjoys the largest customer base tapped compared with any other Voip app. The success of Voip is free video calling and free audio calling. Although, since Skype group video calls or not free, people are looking for Skype alternatives. Coming back to the point, the Skype iPad voip app works as good as its counterparts for iPhone and iPod. You can make video calls and audio calls to other Skype users for free. You can also buy credit to make phone faxs.

Fring – A Versatile Messenger

Skype and Fring are related to each other by the bond of being foes. Those who have been around for a long time would remember how these two voip companies fought like kids when Fring launched video faxs based on Skype’s technology and Skype took the support away. Anyways, Fring also has a Voip App for iPad that you can download and connect with your other friends on Fring or plethora of other instant messaging systems.

Line 2: Another Phone for You

Line 2 is an app by Toktumi, it allows you to add a second line to your iPhone or iPad. You can download the Line 2 iPad voip app from app store and it will let you get a new number based on your area code. It costs about $10 per month and gives you free calls as well as free scan and fax from iphone to anyone in USA and Canada. You can also do a phone conference with up to 20 people.

TruPhone: Call the World for Cheap

Truphone has also launched its own app for iDevices. Their iPad app is better than some of the other Voip apps as it can utilize the entire real estate. You can download it from app store. For a monthly payment of about $13 you can unlock its potential to make unlimited free calls to 38 countries such as Australia, USA, and UK. A full list will be available from their website.

Why Choose Vonage?

Vonage is known to be one of the most popular voip faxing services that you can choose. The service has over millions of current customers. For you very first months of being a customer with Vonage you will pay only $9.99 per month for service. After the 6 months is up you will then pay $25.99 a month. You basically save $96 for the first 6 months; this is just to help you with getting your foot in the door. Vonage offers the ultimate service and people are always experiencing crystal clear faxs no matter where they are which is why they use this service. There are other options though if you are looking. Check out our AllVoI vs. Vonage comparison.

So which one do you choose? Choice one according to your own personal preferences.

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