Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe
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Making panoramas professionally since 2007.

Made virtual tours of the pyramids (outside), a submarine, and lots of Bulgarian landmarks such as the Belogradchick rocks, Perperikon, Shipka etc.

Shot virtual tours for big businesses such as Technopolis, The Mall (in Sofia),  Chevrolet, Pierre Cardin.

Done tours for many small businesses on budget all across Bulgaria - shops, family hotels etc.

Made free public service panoramas for churches and schools.

Shot from rooftops, helicopter, forklift, inside a submarine, ship engine room, cars.

Taught some of the Bulgarian panorama photographers how to shoot and make tours, some of them becoming quite popular.

Done lots of subcontractor work for other virtual tour companies, shooting other important landmarks.

Calculating pricing of tours based on the amount of work, not the size of the client.

Part of commercial work done  can be seen at the company page

Some of the more interesting panoramas are in the blog

Some of the old low-res (shot with mirror) and new high-res panos are at the main public page

Lots of work done is not shown on these sites, so send me any questions at ds (at)