Andrea Amedeo

Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
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About Andrea

It's been since 1996 with my very first modem, the UsRobotics 56k that I was blown away my a thing called "Internet" (thanks Tim Berners-Lee).

After two decades of reading, learning and trying new things I become really focused on product development and the relative communication aspects.

"They say" I'm a very well organized person but at the same time really flexible according to situations and projects. My mantra is to solve problems and accurately test new technologies and services, highlighting the aspects to be improved and enhancing the merits in order to arrive on the market ready for the final customers.

I'm skilled in digital strategy, business development, web design, photography, videography and maybe one day the list could be longer because I think that "we" as humans are born to always improve ourselves and to be curious and open mind to learn new things.