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Ecuador, South America
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About Pablo

Hi all, This is Pablo Castillo ...

I am an telecom and systems engineer by profession.

The photography was my hobby, but now I am professional photographer too.

I try to combine all my knowledge and I must say I love my job, thanks to this travel a lot and although I known some parts of the world. Where I live is a small place but it is spectacular ...

This country is Ecuador, has every climate that you can imagine, has the wonderful Galapagos Archipelago, the mighty Jungle (Selva), the best snow (Cordillera), clean beaches, bio-diversity in quantity ... would you like to see it?

I start four years ago mixing Photography and Systems working with a semi-pro camera, but after much work and study I have made really good Pictures and Systems.

Now I have a group of profetional people working with me, programmers, photographers, designers, etc ... do not hesitate to check our work, my web site:

Some of my clients are: Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Swess, Mercure Alameda, Klein Tours, Le Parc, Canodros, Metroplitan, Ocean Adventures, Goverment (Some Ministries), CAPTUR (Turism Asociation), Airports, COPCI, Electric Enterprices, Customs, Municipalities, Andipuerto, Industry, DICRESA, Pronobos, Multiraices, LOGOS, Decameron, Barcelo Colon, Holcin, Cerveceria... and a lot more...


Soon will be on air:

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