Matthias Betz, absurd orange Gigapixel Photographer


Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe
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About Matthias

We are experts for gigapixel panoramas up to 50 gigapixels. With our 10 meter high tripod and an extremely fast motor head we can take a 15 gigapixel panorama from 768 images in only 20 minutes, and a maximum of about 3,000 images per hour. 

Whether tourism, architecture, landscaping, archaeology, castles, gardens, museums and galleries: Talk to us, if you need high resolution full spherical panoramas.

We are also specialists for walk-in panoramas and virtual tours indoors and outdoors. We are Google certified Street View photographers. 

Our panorama photos can be georeferenced and provided with a Google Maps insertion. Thereby the position, viewing angle and direction of view are shown on a map in a small Google Maps window (alternatively with Open Streetmap). We will be happy to adapt the panoramas to your individual corporate design and add POIs, points of interest such as videos, documents and explanatory texts to the panoramas.

The panoramas shown here have a resolution of mostly only 2 gigapixels and were photographed in the original with a much higher resolution. If you would like a higher resolution of our panoramas, please feel free to contact us at any time.

For further information and numerous other gigapixel panoramas and examples of round tours please visit our website: