Fabrizio Angeletti

Rome, Lazio, Italy, Europe
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About Fabrizio

Aerial Drone Service produces videos up to 4K and 360 °, aerial photos and 360 ° panoramas even in the city, for tourist promotion of Municipalities, Virtual Tours, Virtual Reality, events and exhibitions, real estate enhancement (Real Estate), farmhouses, advertising spots for Social Network or TV, etc.

Photogrammetry, 3D digital modeling with s.f.m. software (structure from motions), point clouds, with measurable restitution.

Visual inspections in live streaming or periodic also with the use of radiometric thermal imaging cameras, photovoltaic systems, wind farms, construction sites (S.A.L.), building facades, roofs, archaeological sites, monuments, managing the entire process from aerial shots to post-production, from the processing of the acquired data to the creation of reports.

ENAC qualification for non-critical and critical specialized operations_ Urban and non-Urban Standard Scenarios