Curt Westergard

USA, North America
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About Curt

Curt Westergard is a licensed landscape architect, aerial photographer, educator, and President of Digital Design & Imaging Service, Inc. He has designed, built and is seeking patents on various custom tethered surveillance aerostats, optical configurations, and rapid-launch support equipment. He has over twenty-five years experience creating visual impact simulations of architectural, planning, and engineering projects in the United States and Europe. Curt has taught landscape design at MSU, professional development programs at Harvard University, and design graphics at technical universities in Europe. Outside of DDIS he enjoys time with his wife and two sons, windsurfing, drawing, languages, and flying balloons.

Education: Bachelors from Ithaca College, Masters in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, & Ph.D. (coursework only) in 3D Visualization  from  the  University of Michigan.