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Central America, North America
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Architect Engineering University  UNI  and Engineering, National University of Engineering, with experience in planning and project development with emphasis on tourism and environment, architectural and site design, supervision and execution of projects. Dynamic person with ability to

lead teams under pressure. Easy adaptation to different work environments
and compliance-oriented goals.
Date: February 2008 to 2010

Company Name: AITOTAL S.a. 505 84653808
City, Country: Managua, Nicaragua
Job Title: Project Development Manager
Several projects in the company: Design and development of hotel in Ometepe, Formulation
Xilo Homes, Housing Budgets number, Tourism Marketing Project Implementation
TurismoNicaragua.com today the second best site POSITION Tourism Promotion starting in April
2010, Design and Urban Design Project Two Volcanoes Rivas tourism executives and plans first
phase, design Fourplex Apartments, Duplexes and Single Family, conceptual plan Miraflores
Resort, Phase and Huehuete Beach general plan, design Main restaurant in Punta Teonoste,
Design Hotel Cabanas on Ometepe, Rivas, Project Beach House in Rancho Santana, Project
Consultancy social housing for market research and construction costs for the implementation of
construction systems, Pre economic feasibility and cost review, Restoration of structure two-story
home in Granada. Co designer draft parking building.
Summary of post:
• Conduct pre-feasibility studies and project feasibility.
• Coordination, review and approval of the multidisciplinary team (studies, designs
and final draft).
• Analysis, assessment and design alternatives. (economic, technical, legal and
permits, time, and projected market gains and prestige).
• Design and implementation of Management in the project life (actors,
responsibilities, programs, actions, permissions and / or requirements of law,
monitoring and evaluation).
• Supervision of construction projects (aimed at quality control and solutions to
unforeseen circumstances).
• Make progress reports, meetings and advice to clients.
• Expand customer base.

Date: 2007 to 2008
Company name: Beach Development - Panama)
City, Country: Panamá, Panamá.
Job Title: Project Development Manager.
Project: Saboga Island, The Charm.
Summary of post:
• Business Plan
• Develop economic base, updating it with market research
• Design plan and execute it (from manual tasks, communication mechanisms,
• Document project for purposes of control and funding permits.
• Develop terms of reference for hiring.
• Outsourcing consulting services for project bids.
• Prepare reports, records, financial controls for the project
Date: 2005 to 2007
Company Name: Grupo del Sol
City, Country: Tola, Rivas, Nicaragua
Job Title: Management engineering and architecture.
Project: Sand Bay, Buccaneer, The Castil, Arcadea.
Summary of post:
• Project Management Buccaneer.
• Planning for construction sites.
• Quality Control Monitoring Evaluations.
• Coordination of preparation of construction plans and terms of reference
• Checks purchase orders for materials.
• Making contracts with suppliers and subcontractors.
• Preliminary designs and project managers.
• Design Master Plans, and multidisciplinary coordination.
Date: 2004
Company name: Self-employed
City, Country: Nicaragua
Various projects:
• Survey of homes in fifth glory Ticuantepe (Claudio Cuadra).
• Participation in UNI fair with slabs draft Formaletas for 3d and social interest
housing modulated with concrete shells (made for Cadur)
• Design and project development of the first mosque in Managua, Reparto San Juan.
• Drawing & Remodeling Xolotlan mall project
• Assisting structural design of commercial building where Banic was the garden city.
• Video Production Xolotlan virtual mall in Managua ..
• Produce video sharing virtual mosque John in Managua.

• Production of virtual video rental modules where was the garden city Banic in
• Virtual video production houses for 10 km new road developments Leon.
• Remodeling beautiful country house (design and budget) Mr. Fausto Carcabelos.
• Consulting for functional analysis, markets Somoto Ocotal and executed with
Hersen murillo for FISE
• Video Production Virtual square taurine, support to municipalities with Penut UNI.
• Participation in project development monument to Mr. Rigoberto Lopez Perez lion.
• Design of housing development on the road Leon.
• Perspectives and virtual videos Arq sub contract Scarleth Balmaceda, housing,
Nicaragua's national assembly.
• Consulting in topography, for the development of altimetry and ground planes in 3d
round the beach in the Pacific.
• Virtual video production, perspectives, the project gives the comptroller general of
the republic of the design of Architect Luis Chavez Quintero
• Teacher time in late 2004 Autocad UNI - RUPAP
• Participation in earthquake resistant engineering congress UNI - RUPAP
• Teacher of statics and strength of materials at the national university of
engineering. UNI
Date: 2003
Company name: Zamora y Associates SA.
City, Country: Managua, Nicaragua
Job Title: Design Assistant
Various projects:
• Design assistant with Zamora and associates sa Architect and Engineer Jorge
Zamora Jairo Zamora.
• Remodeling in Roberto Teran Gutierrez (drawing)
• Rotunda shopping center and access Managua (drawing and design)
• Reforms in store free port (drawing)
• Virtual animations of various projects
• Design of single-family house in Nindiri Deysi Castillo.
• Master Plans, Business Plan and Feasibility: Contracts with projects in Panama
Saboga master plan, and executive levels CHARMING first stage with Grupo El Sol,.
Master Plan and Development Projects Playa La Leona Mr. Mike Miles. Two
Volcanoes Rivas housing project from blueprint to construction project executive for
Seven Treasure Sa Preliminary Miraflores Resort, for Mr. Ismat Kahtib.
• Draft Restaurant Design and preparation of construction plans of Punta Del Mr.
Walter Bühler Teonoste together with ing. Carlos j. Perez Fajardo, President of
ANIA. Preliminary Hotel Cabanas for Mr. Heirich Roland Scheufler. Tree House
Model Cabin for the Charm. Saboga.