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About Paean

Several years ago, I was struck by curiousity and an irresistible urge to discover the art of photography. The idea of capturing what you see, thus documenting the way you see the world, really intrigued me. Having bought my first DSLR, I embarked, aimlessly, to learn the basics and technical aspects of photography. 

However, it wasn't until I stumbled across 2 award winning images, the first being “Guiding Light to the Stars” shot by Mark Gee and the second being "Distant Lands" by Michael Goh, that I knew what I wanted to focus on. 

The moment where I saw an image of the Milky Way on a screen, to finally seeing it for myself in person and photographing it was one of the most profound moments of my life.

A S T R O R D I N A R Y documents my journey into the art of Astrophotography. Constantly learning new techniques, sharing knowledge, meeting new people and living new experiences.