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The Bay Area, California, USA, North America
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About Bay

I'm a 37 year old husband and father of two (foremost).  I have lived in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area for most of my life.  My home is in Pacifica, which is two cities south of San Francisco on the coast.  

My first pano was on a nikon 950 and Kaidan pano head using VR works about 9 years ago.   I had a long interval where I did not produce any panoramas.  I eventually thought I'd get back into the field - and I first started with a 0-360 one shot lens. Soon I upgraded to a more updated pano head from Kaidan for cylindrical panoramas. 

And then, everything changed.  A friend of mine sent me a full screen panorama made with HDR techniques.  I was floored.  I realized that there was something big going on - and I wanted to be a part of it. 

I started researching sites, and living in on-line forums, to discover what I needed to do to create such images.  In my journey, I have gone from wanting do to this hobby/profession for money to wanting to increase my skills for the love of the art that is panoramic photography. 

I will keep learning and experimenting so I can leave my tours for others to see for years to come.

Eli Poblitz