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Camera Sphaericagraphica

Conventional photography constrains us to flat, rectangular pictures. An 8x10” frame held at arms length only captures less than 1% of the entire visible sphere around us. This area is minuscule and neglects 99% of the world.

We compensate by snapping more pictures, assembling them into a montage to tell the whole story. But we have grown accustomed to this technique and are conditioned to think this is the only way to capture the world because it closely resembles the world as we perceive it. But how do other animals, without binocular vision, view the world? What about flies and birds and reptiles with panoramic vision? Or insects who can see in the non-visible spectrum? They see the world differently but their perspective is not “wrong”.

Open your mind and look at the world as it truly is, through a different lens, the 720° sphere fully surrounding us.