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Utah, USA, North America
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About Calvin

Hi, One day I discovered 360Cities in the Gallery layer of Google Earth.  What was this?  Wow, this is cool.  I wanted to learn how to make them myself and so began the exciting journey of learning all about shooting panoramas, stitching, and finding out how to get them on Google Earth.

Living at the eastern edge of the Great Basin in Utah I noticed that there were not many panoramas out west of I-15 in Utah all the way over to Reno Nevada. A few shots were in the mountains in Nevada by a fellow in Salt Lake City but other than that it was empty territory with all kinds of interesting places to take photos.  This was a good excuse to start exploring these areas to take panoramas that could be shared with everyone on Google Earth.

 Other areas of the world are well represented in 360Cities and as a way to show thanks to the other 360Cities photographers that have taken time to shoot their parts of the world, I decided that I would try to do my part by taking photos in the areas in the western United States that don't as of yet have any panoramic photos.

Panoramio photos (photos in the default layer in Google Earth) are interesting but don't give the feeling of being at that location like a well shot 360 panorama does.  I use Panoramio as a tool to locate interesting areas for 360 panorama shots.  A greater concentration of photos = an interesting area to be considered for a 360.

Its fun to study the maps and Google Earth, find some areas to shoot, learn the history about the area, take the photos, stitch and try to perfect the image, and then share the image on 360 Cities and Google Earth.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you have any comments feel free to contact me at: