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How You Can Get Best Self-Leveling Laser Levels

Having a laser level is a great addition to your tool kit, but having a self leveling laser level will be even better. A self leveling is able to find a level and keep the device stabilized within a range. These laser levels will offer you the highest level of accuracy while notifying you if the device is beyond the leveling range.  

Though there are numerous laser levels available on the market, not all of them are decent. Among so many options, it will be challenging to get the best self leveling laser level for yourself. Let us show you our list of top 3 products with detailed reviews. 

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Top 3 Best Self-Leveling Laser Levels


  • Bosch GLL3-330CG 360-Degree Leveling and Alignment-Line Laser


If you don’t mind spending more on laser levels, this Bosch model is preferably the best choice you’ve made. This self-leveling laser level projects laser lines which can be used both horizontally and vertically, not to mention a 360-degree plane with two vertical lines and one horizontal line. Thus, the tool can tackle plenty of different applications, making it one of the best multipurpose laser levels for everyone, from professionals to homeowners. 

The green laser beams that this tool emits are typically four times brighter than the standard red lasers. They are clearly visible up to a maximum distance of 200 feet. There is an integrated pulse mode to reach an extensive visibility range up to 330 feet when used with a receiver. 

The best thing about this laser level is its built-in Bosch famous VisiMax Technology, which monitors the power consumption and the device’s temperature to maximize visibility and power efficiency. Being an advanced technology product, this tool also offers users Bluetooth connectivity for setting up from a distance using a smartphone and Bosch Leveling Remote App. This is totally a great deal when it comes to one-person work.

To ensure the highest accuracy of all time, the Bosch GLL3-330CG features a smart pendulum locking system. With the self-leveling function, this locking system will notify users when the tool is out of level. Meanwhile, it can also lock the pendulum to keep it safe from knocks during bumpy transport.


  • Various selections of laser lines for versatility
  • CAL Guard for calibration trouble detecting
  • Bluetooth connectivity to control the device from a distance. 

Cons: The battery easily drains out, unlike the advertisement.


  • Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level


The Klein Tools 93LCLS has been rated as one of the best laser levels for heavy-duty applications. This highly functional tool projects bright red horizontal and vertical lasers, independently or simultaneously, for many different alignment tasks. However, the feature that makes this model unique is that it also projects plumb spot lasers, allowing users to allocate and transfer points from floors to ceilings. Being a self-leveling laser level, this tool will flash to notify users if it is beyond the leveling range. 

The unit comes with a 360-degree swivel mounting bracket with a magnetic base, which helps it to function as a rotary laser level, ideal for full layouts all over the room. For more mounting options, the bracket includes 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch threads for tripod and a clamp in case of ceiling applications. 

Finally, the Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level is made of IP54 materials for water and debris resistance. Thus, it can cope with any crash or any hazardous conditions.  


  • IP54 materials for durability  
  • Plumb spot lasers for various applications
  • Plenty of mounting options. 

Cons: The magnet bracket cannot hold the laser level securely.


  • DEWALT DW088K Line Laser Level


Dewalt has been among the leaders when it comes to the measuring tools industry. Likewise, the Dewalt DW088K, with all its excellent features, is arguably the best laser level for builders  who want to bring the perfection into their work.

The tool can emit bright horizontal and vertical laser lines independently or together, all with an accuracy of ±1/8 inch at 30 feet, which can be visible up to 100 feet. Thus, this tool offers a very high accuracy level, ensuring builders and contractors the perfect alignment and leveling results. There is a built-in pulse mode which aids the tool to get clearly visible lasers outdoors, with an extensive working range up to 165 feet. 

This DW088K unit incorporates a pivoting base that has a 1/4-inch thread for tripod mounting. Thus, this is ideal to be used on different surfaces, increasing the versatility and functionality of the tool itself. The tool can tackle plenty of applications such as flooring, hanging fixtures, installing cabinets or cupboards, etc. 


  • Green laser beams with integrated pulse mode for high visibility
  • Compact yet durable construction
  • Magnetic base for different mounting options. 

Cons: You cannot use it for customized angles as there is no manual lock function.

Buying Guide

To get the best self-leveling laser level, obviously aside from the self-leveling feature, there are a few important factors that you should consider before making a purchase. 


Accuracy is the most essential factor when it comes to measuring tools, especially laser levels. Though all self-leveling features will offer a high level of accuracy, you should also consider models with laser beams with an accuracy equal or less than 1/4-inch at 100 feet. This will ensure the highest accuracy level you could have for a flawless task done. 

Red vs. Green Lasers

Red lasers are typically less visible but it will have less battery consumption. Meanwhile, green lasers have higher visibility though it still requires receivers to work at its best outdoors. Depending on your needs, the color of laser beams can also be a make-or-break factor. 

Wrap Up

Self-leveling laser level has always been considered as the most accurate laser level in the market. Thus, everyone should have one in their tool kit, as it simplifies and makes builders’ work much easier. We hope with this list of top 3 reviews and a brief buying guide, you will be able to get the right tool for yourself. 

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