Daniele Ripari

Italy, Europe
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About Daniele

My name is Daniele and I am a photographer specialised in 360 photography and virtual tours creation.

I have always had a strong passion for photography, which I consider a powerful tool to capture what surrounds us: landscapes, places, facts of everyday life or architectural works.

About a couple of years ago I discovered the world of virtual tours and 360 photography and I immediately fell in love with it, making it my profession.

For each project I follow a methodology that may vary in order to adapt to the specific characteristics of each virtual tour or photo that I will be creating, but which can be broadly summarized as follows:

   - Identification of client’s objectives

   - Inspection (routes and hotspot location)

   - Realisation of images

   - Postproduction (photo optimization, multimedia material to insert)

   - Publication of the Virtual Tour