Florian Eggenberger


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, North America
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About Florian

I was born in Switzerland back in 1946 and inherited my father's dedication (addiction??) for photography. I am grateful for this 'genetic endowment' because it opened my eyes for the beauty of this world.

My life-long dream to live in the USA became true in 2008 when we finally were lucky winners in the 'Green Card Lottery'. Now we're living in North Salt Lake, Utah where the world is even more beautiful than anywhere else, at least in my eyes ;-)

Humans have this extraordinary sense of sight to see the world, not only in a wide angle perspective but in 'panorama mode'. So I was never happy I had to use the 2:3 format to show the beauty of our world. Therefore I created my first panos back in the 80-s, back then using paper, scissors and glue. The first digital 360° single row pano I took about 2002 on top of our home in Liechtenstein using a 1 MegaPixel HP Camera. What a progress, no more glue, no more scissors!

Some years ago I walked right into the '360Cities-trap'. I was not only flabbergasted, I immediately knew that's how I wanted to express myself. So I started at the very bottom of the learning curve and was lucky enough to get in contact with John Austin Roberts who was a great mentor for me. I have to give my sincere thanks to him. And thanks to all members of our community for the inspiration.