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About Gil

'I love my panoramas ... I love to see everything around me in a compact perspective - my visual metaphor of life simplified .... '

G'day from a true blue certified PANORAMAHOLIC from Sydney - Australia !

I've always been fascinated with photography in general but there is something about the wide angle shots and landscape pictures that definitely attracts me the most. I like to travel and record as much as I can see - The world is beautiful and I hope I can travel even further than I have been in the past -

I have started creating panoramas around the late 2010 - the proper one's where I have to stitch a series of pictures using HUGIN and complementing it with photoshop for some 'editing' ...they were rough but I learn and I am still learning until now ... mind you it took me a while to figure out how to get rid of the hole in the 'Zenith' and the 'Nadir' - that is after countless googles ...

My latest one's were done using HDR brackets shots ...Yayyyy !!! - I find it with HDR, I can depict a more realistic scenery or make it 'surreal' which I am not going to anyway ... I am proud of my works and I hope you enjoy and share the same fascination with me for my creations .... Thank you for visiting ...