Gideon van Zyl

South Africa, Africa
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About Gideon

I am a photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have been an enthusiastic photographer since the 1970's shooting with my dad's Pentax spotmatic, later converting to Canon film-based. I finally made a move to digital in 2004, and stuck with Canon to reuse my lenses. I still dabble in film with my prida and joy being a Mamiya RB67 Medium Format camera.

My portfolio has been tied closely to my work and my other hobbies. My portfolio included entertainment, portrait, model, live events, landscapes, and travel photography. I have been official photographer for the Vonk Afrikaans music awards for two years and also for the first Ghoema Music awards in 2012. 

As landscape photographer I have dabbled with wide panorama's but the 360 degree bug has only recently bitten me on a trip to Saudi Arabia. I did some work with a photographer based in Saudi Arabia who has been doing 360 degree panos for their Department of Tourism, and I promptly started doing the research, picked up a Panohead and an 8 mm Sigma lens and have been experimenting with the Sigma, and with other format lenses.

I still have a lot to learn, and participating in- and tudying all the amazing works on this site is a step for me to explore the possibilities that this form of photography offers to those who would like to get to know it. 


Looking forward to the journey with anticipation and excitement.