Hans Molenkamp


Hungary, Europe
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About Hans

Hans Molenkamp, a professional photographer, who makes the 'impossible'images.

For more then 35 years now, I'm active in the photographic scene as a.... photographer.

In those years many advertising agencies and private clients were served with the most challenging and tempting photography. Despite the fact that I never like to do a job twice, I did Paris Dakar four times and that resulted in a lifetime addiction to the Sahara. Many trips after that were undertaken to this part of the world but since the unrest in that area I now have another passion: Making panorama's with the help of a mobile 20 meter tall mast. I do serve the area around Hungary since we moved to this part of Europe.

The reason for this move? It's new developing part of the European Union and knows many undiscovered places and histories.

Next to the panorama's we'r also still active as social engaged photographer and that way we also do work for NGO's the world allover.