Herman Desmet

Belgium, Europe
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About Herman

Based in Belgium, Herman began taking photos about 15 years ago, first as a hobby developing into a real passion. He studied photography at the local art school. Being a keen mountaineer gave him ample opportunity for fantastic landscape and nature photos. However, he has also built up experience with studio and portrait work. 

His pictures have been published in magazines like National Geographic as well as various newspapers. Some of his work can be found on his website, www.hermandesmet.be and also on his personal blog. 

Herman has lately specialized in architecture, real-estate and panorama photography, expanding into 360° panoramas and virtual tours for internet use. He feels that nowadays everybody can make digital photos, but doing a perfect 360°-180°VR panorama is a skill on its own requiring special equipment and lots of practice, patience and knowledge of photography to get the best results. But when you succeed in making a gorgeous digital 360 panorama, it amazes people like they were amazed in the pre-internet era when they saw a huge print of a fantastic picture. 

And, for Herman, amazing people is what his photography is all about.