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About Richard

I was a Quality Assurance Engineer, retired in 2009. I have always had an interest in travel, ham radio (GW8TVX), home computing and photography. Having seen so many wonderful panoramic photographs on Google Earth, I thought I would try and make some myself. Thus fill a little more of my new found free time and perhaps use with my other hobbies and from there, who knows.

I use either a Nikon D610 or Nikon D90, Nikon 10.5mm lens, Nodal Ninja NN5 panoramic head, software is Kolor Autopano Giga.

I am lucky in that I also manage to visit friends and family almost every year in China and manage a few panoramas between sightseeing and other assorted family events.

我访问中国每年拜访家人和朋友。 2010年開始闖入360全景攝影領域

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