Neil Longdin

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England, UK, Europe
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About Neil

Neil Longdin has over 30 years’ experience in photography and imaging, much of which in law enforcement. His knowledge and expertise extends with his parent company, Iceni Forensic Ltd which sends him overseas building, developing and training crime scene evidence recovery and visualisation techniques to developing organisations.

His skills have always paid due attention to his photography outside of law enforcement and throughout his career has been commercial in terms of private and corporate commissions.

Now living in North Norfolk he’s develop domestic business further with Iceni Imaging, serving Real Estate, Commercial and Legal Sectors with property, commercial and 360º photography services backed by a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity.

360º Photography is by far Neil's favourite medium and has a passion to excel in creating views of wonderful outdoor spaces, capturing space and light in the most appealing and authentic way possible. He believes that 360 photographs should look just as appealing in equirectangular (flat image) form as VR and strives to find and capture vistas following this principle.