Slovenia, Europe
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About Institut

Institute INOVATIV, institute for development, counseling, education and support Maribor

Institute INOVATIV is a non-governmental organization from Slovenia for a development, advising, educating and support. Main goal of institute is to develop and support anybody’s creativity, development and implementation of new educational methods, promotion of new technologies and scientific in the field of sustainable development, culture, history, tourism, the spread of international cooperation for the development of local communities, providing equal opportunities to support the independence of social groups, create and consolidate a supportive environment for NGOs. Our recent projects were visual, virtual or other sophisticated computer projects for demonstration or presentation of different educational material. While we implement modern technologies into our project we made our presentation more interesting for young but on the other hand all our projects are user friendly for anyone. We are most active Slovene institute in the field of virtual world called Second life where we organize spectacular events like presentations of cities, educating, music events, sports competitions or even different kind of festivals. Second life is a place for socializing with people all around the world no matter gender, age, colour, nationality or any other criteria.

Verstovškova ulica 4
2000 Maribor