Ivan Dalmonte

Milan, Lombardia, Italy, Europe
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About Ivan

I'm a passionate photography amateur since the '70s, when I started shooting slides with a fully manual Olympus OM-1n reflex camera and a small set of lenses. Now, decades later, digital photography has replaced all that analog stuff, but my interest is still strong: I'm now attracted by 360° panoramas, to me a challenging technique that involves both traditional shooting skills as well as computer post-processing and web technology knowledge. A real "digital craftmanship"!

I'm fascinated by this new media, that gives the user a strong feeling to really be inside the scene.

After the first 360° images I'm publishing, taken in my home town after following lots of tutorials found on the web and much learning from direct field experiments, I'd like to try other panoramas where I live (Milan), a city with lots of photographic opportunities.

But I'd like to introduce something original as well... as soon as I'll get enough experience I hope to start publishing my ideas and proposals on this topic.