jeff requina

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Asia
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About jeff

Jeff was born and raised in the Philippines particularly in a small town of Negros Oriental named Dumaguete, officially known as "The City of Gentle People". He started taking photographs of people using D-SLR in mid 2010. His main interest is in lifestyle photography which involves taking portraits of family, engagement sessions, weddings, fashion/glamour and everyday life of people. Moreover, he also enjoys the unique way of art capturing photographs called 360 degree panoramas or the virtual reality where there is a human-computer interaction in which a real or imaginary environment is simulated and user interacts with, manipulate and take a virtual tour of the worlds iconic places. 

He is now currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates working as a full time software analyst and developer. For him photography was just an accident since his main hobby was all about sports and music. He plays badminton, table tennis, skateboarding and musical instruments particularly guitar. 

He also believes that taking a picture and setting up strobes is just the half of making a great photograph, but the time spent in post processing to make the photo more pleasing and more dramatic saturates more of the story behind it.

Furthermore, he also enjoys taking experimental and creative photographs to widen his arsenal such as high speed, light painting, perspective, compositing and walk-in zoom timelapse.