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New York City, USA, North America
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About Jook

From in New York City, Jook Leung is a professional 360 Panoramic Photographer intent on capturing wide-view images of people in urban landscapes around the world.  His work has been described as "visually rich narratives depicting the intricacies of the world's cultures with the full spectrum of human emotion." Through his work, viewers can experience not only what the world looks like from a single vantage point, but the entire visual spectrum that they would have if they were spinning around in a circle while standing on the same point in real time.

Spanning the last two decades, Jook's 360 panoramic photography reveals the more subtle interactions between subjects and their environment that might not be apparent in regular photos.  His work captures greater detail than standard photographs, offering viewers an understanding of the composition in deeper context.  Differing from videography, panoramic photographs can be viewed in their entirety in a single moment or presented digitally, allowing the viewer to explore its dimensions with a mouse or a touch screen.

Always looking for the his next shot and ready to see it before it happens, Jook is internationally recognized as an innovator in spherical panoramic photography.  In a rare achievement, he was awarded three consecutive Fuji Film Masterpiece Awards for photographic excellence in electronic imaging by the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP).  Additionally, his experience spans 34 years as an advertising and editorial photographer with a background in photo-illustration and digital imaging.  Commercially, his current work with immersive panoramas includes hospitality, tourism, events and museum projects.   

Jook has given presentations and workshops about his work at International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA) / VR Summits and at International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP) Conventions.  He has written articles for Panorama Magazine. In January 2005, his panoramas were featured in an on-air interview on ABC's News Now program about his 360VR panoramas of Times Square on New Year's Eve.