Lehel Lokodi


Targu Mures, Transsylvania, Romania, Europe
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About Lehel

Welcome, and experience the fun of discovery through panoramic images shot by yours truly. These images are also available for licensing.

Shooting these immersive pictures is a hobby among other things I do. My main motivation for shooting these is to immortalize and share experiences, learn about places, their significance and their history, as an aspect of a desire for general self-improvement.

For example the very first panorama available here dates back to February of 2011, since then I have become familiar with two camera systems, and more importantly their limitations. 

Shooting these panoramas necessitates exceeding the technical capabilities of ones gear, expanding the viewing angle of a lens, achieving consistent colours and tones, capturing clear details in shadows and highlights for a higher dynamic range, all the while adapting to circumstances by optimizing workflow with almost every batch for efficient and quality results.

I have challenged myself to shoot in multiple environments, all year round, indoors, outdoors, at night and so forth. Feel free to have a look.