David Lopes


Brazil, South America
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About David

David Lopes, born and raised in Oporto, Portugal, since 2006 living in northeastern Brazil, in Natal, a city with beautiful beaches and the cleanest air in the Americas. It was a beautiful princess named Rayane, marketing background, I worked very early in several activities that allowed him to travel and visit other countries, peoples, other cultures in Europe. In Brazil created its digital advertising company, where he devotes much of his life doing what he loves .. . Traveling around Brazil making photography, 360 virtual tour! The business expands and he gets his other interests are perfectly organized and today he is a versatile photographer, doing other work in his advertising company. Behind his talent in photography, there is a tremendous desire to learn more and more, a constant quest for technical knowledge and demand for innovation, making images of 360 of the most advanced in its category.