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About Marios

Marios Lefteriotis (marlef), is mainly Construction Engineer, but also filmmaker, photographer, digital artist and creator of three-dimensional photography and film. His short film "REQUIEM for humanity", has been extensively reviewed and maintains its originality even to-day (2014), 44 years after its release date (1970) .. From his books, one titled "THE THIRD DIMENSION IN THE ATHENS 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES" (not published yet), contains 230 3-D Anaglyph photos, broadly reviewed (30 of them) on the web.In addition to these, 750 documents from his family archives in Corfu, dating since 1631, have been donated to the State Historical Archives of Corfu and everybody can review them. You may also review them at his pages.  Besides, many of his photos and paintings, which are free, are presented in several galleries on the web and evaluated by many photographers, worldwide.

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