Matthew Normand


San Diego , California, USA, North America
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About Matthew

Photography has always been something for which I've always had an affinity. So much so that I persued and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in photography at Sam Houston State University. I've freelanced and was the photo editor of the university newspaper for a few years. I am currently serving in the United States Navy and have had the good fortune to have literally been around the world. While photography is not my job in the Navy (I'm actually a nuke electrician), it's still very much a hobby and something on which I'm still trying to hone my skills. I find that these 360 panoramas are as much a techincal challenge as much as it is an artistic challenge. They bring me back to far flung place I may never visit again, as if I were actually there. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

Equipment used: Canon 7D (now Canon 7D Mark II), Sigma 10mm full frame fisheye lens, fishing weight on a string and a 10 Baht coin or, if needed, just a steady hand.