Minor Cortes

Central America, North America
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About Minor


You might ask yourself, “Does Minor have the best job ever?” Let me help you answer that question: YES! I love photography. That naturally flows into my desire to capture moments for others. I love that so many people in my country and outside have allowed me to capture their documentaries, events, concerts with national and international bands, fashion, engagements, wedding, senior and life’s milestone portraits. Especially being a wedding and portrait photographer.

I set a personal goal for myself some years ago. I wanted to become a Professional Photographer and traveling. I had to prove to myself that I understood what it took and that I had the work to back it up. And I did it! I’m enjoying each step of the journey and all the techniques I’m learning in the process. All in the effort to make the best images possible for my clients.

Being an extremely social person helps me to quickly develop a casual rapport with clients. I want to make every photographic experience a fun event which helps to make your final portraits much more expressive and meaningful. It is my goal to be International  ”go to” wedding, portrait photographer and more. My business Minor Cortes Photography is based in Costa Rica.