Yogen Sinh

New Delhi, India, Asia
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About Yogen

Interest in photography apart had First seen a panorama on a google street view. Few months later was making them.
Delhi, The part of India i live have very few panoramas and that too of only Tourist Interest Places.
I am no wildlife or nature lover nor do i travel. Even my messenger nickname is dilliwala. I was wanting to put lots of Photos and Panoramas of Local Public Interest on a Map of Delhi. But since Google Street View was stopped by the Police of Bangalore and the related laws in india unclear on what can be shot from a "Public Place",  I try to stay clear of Government Buildings, Public Utilities like Metros, Militiary Areas which are anyway photography restricted. Privacy Issues of People faces appearing is not a concern yet.

I am left with clicking happening Colorful Markets and Bustling Local Streets. Hope i am not seen as trying to Promote any Business inadvertently appearing on such panoramas, but thats what you will find here.

I do have a weblink www.My1st.in/360view to offer such services at possibly worlds lowest price.