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Norway, Europe
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About Oliver

I can't remember when I saw a spherical for the first time, but I remember that it fascinated me. It is such a great way to transport yourself around the world.

I made my first panoramic back in 2007 with a homemade panoramic head. I got myself a proper panohead in 2008 and have dipped in and out of the hobby ever since.

I work making technical computer graphics animations for engineering companies. Sometimes I use my panoramics as backgrounds or reflection maps in my work, but for the most part I make panoramics just for fun.

Typically I don't have enough time for photography, let alone panoramics, but a recent injury has forced me to cut down on sports and find some more relaxing activities.

I make my panoramics with a Canon EOS 7D, Sigma 8mm or Sigma 10-20mm, Nodal Ninja, and the fantastic PT GUI.

I am really pleased to be a member of 360cities. The website provides a fantastic way to share and explore panoramics, and the integration with Google Earth is simply fantastic.

My other creative hobbies are:

Making short films of my sports:


and regular photography: