Darin Williams

USA, North America
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About Darin

I am recently out of the Army National Guard and still identify closely with the military life. Possibly because I was Air Force from '84-'88 and joined the Army in 2007. In between those two periods of service, I have worn many hats. I first became interested in and connected to panoramic and HDR photography in 2004 when I went to work as Marketing Assistant for SpheronVR in Germany. I eventually moved back home to the States and when I left SpheronVR in 2006, I lost sight of panoramic photography for a while. In 2007, I joined the Army and was deployed to Kosovo from Apr 2008 until Apr 2009. While in Kosovo, I started experimenting again with handheld and tripod mounted cylindrical panos. Upon my return home, I purchased Manfrotto's 303SPH panohead. I found I didn't have the time to experiment properly with the equipment until this summer (2013). Now I'm learning something new about spherical panos everyday. I enjoy capturing scenic panos, especially historical or military related and am currently capturing panos by commission for local businesses. I am using a Nikon D40 with the 18-55mm lens. I intend to begin experimenting with my Nikkor 10mm fisheye in the future but not in a hurry until I upgrade to a camera with a higher resolution.