Patricia Müller


Germany, Europe
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About Patricia

I started with spherical panoramic photography in 2005 with my first experiments. First I began with partial pano's but later i made the full spherical view. By the time my abilities increased more and more. So I developed an enthusiasm in VR photographs, because this is a fascinating way to take a look around in the whole world. Finally I wanted to add a few panorama shots of my authorship, so now I want to share more and more panoramas with other people on 360cities and other sites. For me it is all about quality, not about quantity. There is no need to produce masses of poor worked out pano's.

Since 2005 I'm running a little editorial company busy with DVDs about paranormal and alternative documentary subjects. As a truth seeker I don't trust in the mainstream media. I'm interested in photography, video, publishing, journalism, languages (Dutch and Danish) and spiritual items.