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I got my first camera to my children's first communion. If I remember correctly, it was a simple roll film camera by Kodak with a 6 * 6 roll. Later, i am acquired the first SLR camera as a family camera. In the youth, we had been much experimenting with aperture, Exposure time and flash. Steps in the black and withe - laboratory were also present. But with the chemistry I did not have it in such a way.

Now, professional life began. In the past 25 years I've scurrying me in the IT - industry and left little time for photography.

When the first affordable and useful digital cameras came on the market, around the turn of the millennium, I jumped on. I was fascinated by the opportunity to get my photographed pictures going directly into the computer. My first digital was the compact camera Canon G2. Also this camera had in 2002 a panorama function, which has received the panoramic virus in me.

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