Paul Peterson

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, USA, North America
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About Paul

I call myself an "Adventurer in Creative Photography", who has always loved taking shots while out on walks and at church or family events. But near the end of 2015, I finally upgraded from point-n-shoots to a mirrorless Samsung NX500.  When shooting panoramas, I use a homemade panohead with a Gemtune DH-55 panoramic ball head, a Rokinon 12mm f/2 manual lens on the NX500, and shoot 3 rows of 10 bracketed pictures each. Batch HDR processing is done in Photomatix Pro and cleanup in Lightroom, before stitching with PTGui. I don't shoot zenith or nadir shots. So, to remove the tripod from the final PTGui image, I take it into Photoshop and used Flaming Pear's Flexy2 filter and content-aware fill.