Gencho Petkov

Bulgaria, Europe
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About Gencho

I believe that photography is a very unique and international language.
It is universally understood by all people throughout the world, regardless of their color, language, religion,
As a creative person, I focus their interests in specific areas:
- Fine Art Photography (as subject): everlasting charm and enduring female beauty (bodygraphia), Portrait, Nature, aesthetic searches by shape and color,experiment.

I shoots to create something special and unique for each subject and situation. My desire and passion to explore, learn and better himself is apparent to any eye that views my work. I thinks of himself as a photographic interpreter of beauty, with an eye for the details, shape, light and that turn a simple photo in to a aesthetic standard.

I do not time to stop, self-educating; experimenting, studying, and practicing are my primary enjoyments in life, and the results speak for themselves with images that capture each unique body, highlighting the curves and individuality of each subject and exploring the dynamic interplay between the two.
Nudes type scenes feature strongly in photos - controlled lighting, unusual shaping and all kinds of visual inspire me.