David du Plessis

New Zealand, Polynesia, Pacific Ocean Islands
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About David

I often say that I am a photographer that does not necessarily specialize in anything, but rather have a vast experience in a wide variety of photographic fields. I often photograph things I enjoy doing and understand the best. Being a skydiving instructor, scuba diver, 6a Climber, cyclist and all round aviation and extreme sports enthusiast, I believe that I posses a few interesting characteristics and skills that separate me from the usual photographers. Simple things like difficult angles and challenging lighting does not put me off taking the perfect image in any environment. I am equally at home inside a purpose built studio and hanging from an abseil rope thousands of feet above the ground.That is all quite a mouth full and the only way I can think of explaining it better is by blogging about it. So on www.picturemyplanet.com you will find a few of my current favorite images and a small explanation of what they are all about. They might also be in other galleries on the same site where they will be accompanied by other photographs I enjoy. I also have a small, dedicated gallery about aerial photography and one for the wonderful world building interior and exteriors. I am skilled in conventional photography, 3D modeling and 360 x 360 degree imaging. I have already applied my skills and abilities to some of the largest and most prestigious hotel groups, international aviation companies and extreme sports imaging, adventures and activities, events and expeditions, as well as having imaged some of the more unusual environments, from the deepest canyons and caves to the highest pubs, mountains and peaks and the absolute top end of products, fashion and real estate. Having just re-located to the UK I am in search of my next fulfilling challenge.My CV intro states: Innovative, enterprising and resourceful, I have exceptional knowledge and understanding of the world of photography, vast experience in a diverse array of photographic disciplines and numerous credits to my name. Having successfully managed my own freelance company for the past 7 years, I possess skills in business logistics, project management, and customer focused services. Efficient and ambitious I take pride in being an accomplished photographer and keeping up to date with the latest trends, equipment and software.