Ranjan Sharma


New Delhi, India, Asia
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About Ranjan

Traveling has always been a passion since young age & I have traveled extensively within India no wonder I choose photography as a profession at young age of 15. With the advent of digital technology I migrated completely to digital imaging because of panoramas.  I did my 1st panorama in Feb 1997 using a borrowed sony cybershot digital camera, in1998 I was all in love with this form of wide panoramic art & since 1997 have done 1000s of partial 180° & full 360° spherical panoramas for tourism, hotels & industrial locations.

Panoramic images have a magic which is quite enchanting & that's the magic which pulls me into doing these panoramas.

I am a professional photographer shooting Interiors, Architecture & Industrial panoramic digital images past 22+ years. I feel extremely lucky that I was able to convert my 2 hobbies traveling & photography into my profession, for that reason I enjoy my work. I wish to bring the beauty of locations I visit with my panoramas.