Shai Schcolnik

Israel, Middle East, Asia
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About Shai

Commercial photographer and videographer. I specialize in panoramic photography and virtual tour creation for museums, architects, real-estate and other commercial clients.

Unsure how your project can be photographed? How to produce the highest quality or a desire to innovate? Your challenge is my passion!

During the years I had the joy of "hanging" my photographic equipment outside of skyscrapers, rigging cameras inside machines, building creative concepts and flying to the ends of earth for the most thrilling projects.

In my work it's important for me maintain the highest quality of work and product. I believe that a properly executed work, with no compromises, will stay relevant longer and attract more clients. Especially today when we are overwhelmed by so many images all the time. Here's my value, that's my clients' differentiation.

I'm always on the look for my next challenge, be it a large scale project or something small that just needs to be done properly.

You are invited to watch some behind the scenes of the largest panorama in Israel

and also check some of my other work in various fields and the studio web site